Black Bear Joins Family For Beer And Snacks In Deep Creek, Maryland

Bear picnic

Just for the record, this is not a good idea…

Black bears are known as the friendliest breed of bears and do a pretty decent job cohabitating with humans. Of course, “friendly” is a pretty relative term when we’re talking about bears…

Sometimes you get one that’ll break in and play your piano, but overall, you’re less worried about being killed when black bears are around, compared to all other species in North America.

One of the reasons black bears tend to stay in places where humans are is an ample supply of garbage, excuse me, I mean food. Which is why bears tend to be see at campgrounds more than regular state parks.

While many people have seen a black bear, a family spending time in Deep Creek, Maryland had an experience that few on earth can relate to.

While sitting on the backyard picnic bench, drinking beer and having some snacks, a black bear calmly walked up and took a seat at the table. You’d think that would send everyone running, but nope, they didn’t feel threatened and simply brought the bear into the circle.

The property owner said the bear is always around and doesn’t bother anyone, but man I would not want to take that chance. One wrong move and you’ll be left with half a face, which I thought was going to happen when the shirtless guy tried to scratch his nose.

People will do anything for a good video…

Canadian Man Tries To Reason With Attacking Black Bear

If you find yourself in a face-to-face confrontation with a black bear, the best thing to do is make yourself as big as possible, get loud and aggressive, and do everything you can to try and scare him away.

Nowhere in any wildlife manual does it say:

“Try and reason with him. Initiate a polite conversation with the bear, explaining to him the error of his ways.”

Well, for 27-year-old Brandon Lattie, that’s exactly what he did.

According to Maple Ridge News, Lattie was lucky to be alive after a black bear tried to drown him in a lake on the outskirts of Prince George, British Columbia, a couple years ago.

He was hiking with a friend just outside of the city when they happened to stumble upon the bear.

“It just happened so quick. He was holding me down, I didn’t really feel anything, there was so much adrenaline, I just wanted to stay alive. After the bear struck me, it was trying to hold me under water.

I immediately thought for sure this is where I’m going to die. This is where my head gets chewed off.”

When they first saw the bear, they took off running (BIG MISTAKE), and shocker… the bear caught up with him in a hurry and chased him into a lake (also, BIG MISTAKE).

With his shoes stuck in the mud of the lake bottom, the bear jumped on his back and began pushing him under the water.

“After it tried to push me under water, I was about a foot from the surface fighting for my life basically and was able to push from the ground back for air, the bear looked startled when I turned around and looked it dead in the face.

I tried talking to it at first saying that ‘you don’t have to do this.’”



It’s like he’s trying to talk him off the ledge.

“You got so much to live for man… I can help you, WE can help you… you don’t have to do this.”

I get it. Adrenaline is pumping, you panic, ignore every single thing you’ve ever learned about bears, but still, you’re in Canada… I would expect a little more familiarity with bears from folks in British Columbia.

Needless to say, the bear was quite unreasonable.

Anyways, moving on…

Lattie somehow managed to outswim the bear for a while, making it all the way to a dock on the other side of the lake, the bear still hot on his tail. When the bear finally caught up with him again, once again pushing him under the water to drown him, the struggle caught the attention of a passerby with her Husky-Shepherd mix, Musket.

When the Musket saw the bear, he began to bark furiously at the bear, scaring him away from Lattie who managed to make it to shore.

How about that for a twist?

Dude somehow swims across the entire lake, who knows how far, running on so much adrenaline he would’ve made Michael Phelps look like a drunk toddler, and then when the bear finally catches up to him, it’s man’s best friend to the rescue.

His hiking friend? Hiding in a bush somewhere, nowhere to be seen. Random dog? The hero in this story. Once again, proving that dogs are better than people.

Lattie escaped with only minor scratches and puncture wounds.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Morale of the story?

Don’t run away from a black bear, don’t try and swim away from a black bear, and sure as shit, don’t try and talk a black bear out of eating you.

Oh, and maybe hike with a dog instead of a person next time.

Black Bear Breaks Into Tourist’s Car In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Ahh, the ever interesting black bear.

These at times clumsy, at times smooth, at times vicious creatures are known to do just about everything, from attacking bowhunters to hanging out in a backyard pool, and looking right at home no matter the situation.

They’re also notorious for stealing food from humans, whether raiding the trash or breaking into a family kitchen, and this latest video is just more proof that they’re pretty dang clever in the pursuit of a snack.

According to the video owner, it was the first day of their family vacation when the dad accidentally forgot to lock the car and left some food inside.

Even though the doors were closed and the windows were up, the bear was able to spot the free meal, figure out how to open the door, and start feasting.

And while it may not have been the incredible family vacation moment they planned for, there’s no way it won’t be a core memory for years to come.

Just listen to the kids watching it happen:

“He’s a monster!

He’s just munching, having a little bite!

Yo, that’s funny but like scary at the same time… 

Oh, he’s eating my nerds!”

Classic… absolutely classic.

Hopefully they learned a good lesson in the midst of this hilarity, though. Don’t want them trying to attract any more bears out there…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock