Black Bear Chills Out In New Jersey Pool

black bear pool

Come on in, the water’s fine.

This summer, a New Jersey couple was treated to quite the sight in their own backyard when an unwelcome visitor decided to cool off in their above ground pool.

They looked out of their window and saw a relaxed black bear just trying to escape the heat.

A bear had destroyed their pool a year before, so seeing this guy didn’t come as a complete shock. New Jersey has the highest black bear density in the country and some outdoors groups put responsibility for an increased number of nuisance bear complaints on regulations put in place by current governor Phil Murphy.

Long story short… the state outlawed bear hunting and now there is a lot of them.

Regardless of the why, black bears sightings are by no means rare in the Garden State, as shown in this video.

The bear seems very calm, not harming the pool in any way (although it’s probably pretty easy for the bear to rip that pool liner) so the guy taking the video holds off on yelling to scare him off until he’s by the edge.

Gotta love bears.

Even though they’re ferocious, they are so interesting and confusing and relatable, all in one.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock