Big Ol’ Black Bear Breaks Into Connecticut Family’s Kitchen, Raids Fridge & Refuses To Leave

Black bear

At the end of the day, I’m convinced that bears are simply just guys being dudes, and want to hangout.

I know, I know. Mama bears can be absolutely lethal when it comes to protecting their cubs, but from what I’ve seen, bears are either the fiercest predators in the wilderness, or they simply just want to hangout in the woods, or just chill in people’s backyard and kick it with everybody else.

We saw a number of incidents where bears were breaking into homes in California (everybody was putting the blame on Hank the Tank, a 500-pound bear seen in the area, but he was proven innocent).

However, this may be the first time I’ve seen an incident where a bear broke into a Connecticut home.

Bill Priest and Christine Vannie were working in their West Hartford, Connecticut home’s front yard, when Priest walked inside to get a drink.

And what did he find?

A huge black bar rummaging through their kitchen.

He told Eyewitness 3 News:

“He had everything on the floor in there.”

Vannie posted the video to Facebook, where she wrote:

“It took some convincing to get him to leave. I share this because most bears are shy and this one was not.”

The couple has had a number of run ins with bears in the 18 years they’d lived at the house, but this is the first time one had actually made its way inside their home.

Priest continued to tell the outlet:

“I mean, I don’t care, run around the yard all you want… but now you’ve crossed the line.”

The two contacted the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), where they set up a trap in their yard with Dunkin Donuts as the bait.

They intend to trap and sedate the bear, collect a fur sample, and pull a tooth so they can determine the bear’s age.

Instead of relocating it, they plan to release and haze it on the spot.

Considering the fact that the bear was not afraid of either Priest or Vannie, this could be a very difficult task to keep him away.

I guess time will tell…

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A beer bottle on a dock