Blue Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass Ignites Heated Debate After Flight Attendant Makes His Pregnant Wife Pickup Popcorn Their Daughters Spilled

Andrew Bass

We’ve seen some wild online debates over the past few years.

From $28 Taco Bell orders to whether or not Kid Rock or Bruce Springsteen is the better artist… it’s honestly one of the more entertaining elements of the internet.

And here we are once again…

And it involves toddlers spilling food on airplanes.

The story comes from Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass, who tweeted out about a situation where a flight attendant forced his (high risk) pregnant wife, Sydney, to clean up a bowl of popcorn their two, and five, year old daughters spilled.

He tweeted out:

“The (United) flight attendant just made my 22 week pregnant wife traveling with a 5 year old and 2 year old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter. Are you kidding me?!?!”

And boy, you would’ve thought all hell broke loose after this one.

Bass did add that United provided the popcorn for their children, and it wasn’t their own, incase that makes a difference in your opinion.

He also tweeted out a final message, saying:

“Thank you everyone for the support. United Airlines is taking care of matters with the flight attendant internally”

But in between, Bass received a very broad mix of responses in the Twitterverse:

I mean, I can see both sides…

She definitely should’ve had her kids at least try and pick it up, and did what she could to get some of the pieces in the immediate area herself.

But anyone who’s ever traveled with small children (especially alone) knows how difficult it can be. There were clearly a lot of self-righteous folks in the comments (who probably don’t have children) with the “why can’t you control your kids” comments. Spills happen, dude…

And on the other hand, does United expect her to have a vacuum ready to go? Seems like more of an inconvenience to other passengers to have her on the floor cleaning than it does to have the cleaning crew vacuum it up quick after the flight.

Maybe there are no winners here…

Sydney is 22 weeks pregnant and high risk for complications:

Sydney is also the sister of country singer Jessie James Decker who defended her sister on Instagram:

“My sister, Sydney Rae Bass, just texted me from her flight. As you know, she is five months pregnant, high risk, and also traveling alone with two small children.

Blaire accidentally spilled popcorn in the aisle, and the flight attendant came up to Sydney with a trash bag, and a wet wipe, telling her the captain wants Syd to clean up every drop.

My poor sister is on her hands and knees, crying in the aisle, completely humiliated and exhausted, with her children while everyone watched.”

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