Fox Business Contributor Blames Inflation For Spending $28 At Taco Bell For Lunch… & Twitter Brought The Jokes

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It’s no secret that inflation is effecting everybody in this country.

From the insane housing market, to the stupid high gas prices, going to the grocery store and paying a boatload of money for basic necessities, and even simply going to a fast food restaurant and getting a meal for yourself.

Seriously, it feels like yesterday when I was able to get a Chick-Fil-A sandwich meal for only $6.50, and now it’s around $10.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that prices are shooting up…

However, $28 dollars at Taco Bell for a single person? That’s where Twitter draws the line…

Scott Martin, a news contributor for FOX News, joined FOX Business to discuss inflation.

I’m not gonna act like I’m familiar with Martin, mainly because I try to avoid any news station like the plague, but this one got me.

At one point during his segment, he said he went to get Taco Bell, and it cost him $28 for lunch.


Alright, I believe inflation is hurting people as much as anybody, but this is simply outrageous and I refuse to believe that a single fast food meal cost my guy almost $30.

But… if this dude is using DoorDash, in a pricey market like Manhattan, counting delivery fee and tip… it could easy climb up in that neighborhood.

Me? I’m still chilling on the $1 cravings menu so my Taco Bell runs nowadays still only cost me about $7 to $8 max.

And of course, the Twitter reactions were legendary… most about what eating $28 dollars worth of Taco Bell would do to one’s digestive system:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock