Hilarious Kid Rock Vs. Bruce Springsteen Twitter Poll Goes Viral Once Again

Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock country music
Danny Clinch

Here we go again…

The argument to end all arguments.

Now there’s one thing for certain about Kid Rock and Bruce Springsteen, and it’s that they’re about equally as passionate about their political stances, but could not be further apart on the political spectrum.

You have Kid Rock, who is about as far-right, conservative as it gets, and then you have Springsteen, who is as far-left, liberal as possible.

And they even show it in their music, especially in Kid Rock’s “We The People,” which is, well… something. And then you have songs from Springsteen like “American Skin,” which perfectly displays his thoughts on the political spectrum.

But, the age old question is…

Which one would you rather see in concert?

Back in April of 2022, this account shared the question, asking people who they would rather see, and it earned a viral response. A hilarious responses, with a mix of hardcore Kid Rock fans, haters and folks just looking to laugh at the chaos.

And now, she back again, posing the same question to her followers.

The Boss? Or Mr. Bob Ritchie (Kid Rock)?

“You win concert tickets to see Bruce Springsteen and Kid Rock but you can only choose one.”

And once again, another viral reaction.

A hilarious, viral reaction…

Just see for yourself:

It’s a wild one for sure.

For me personally, I’m not a huge fan of artists who kill time at their shows by going on hour long rants, when I paid good money to hear music.

Meh, I’d rather go see Alan Jackson instead:

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