Mountain Lion & Deer Appear To Be Friends As They Walk Past Trail Cam Together

Cougar deer friends

This is straight out of a Disney movie.

Trail cams always seem to catch some interesting videos. Though we somehow still haven’t caught the elusive BigFoot on a camera out in the woods, we do sometimes see strange occurrences like these.

With the night vision mode on, the camera senses movement and clicks on to capture some wildlife nearby. The wildlife is “wild” indeed, as a large mountain lion is first revealed to be walking past the shot in the video.

Then, inexplicably, a buck walks very closely behind the mountain lion while looking right into the camera lens. Unless the mountain lion is completely deaf and blind, there’s absolutely no way it does not know that the deer companion is following closely behind.

There are really only two logical explanations as to why these two could be traveling closely together:

– The deer and the mountain lion have worked out some sort of agreement and have become friends

– The mountain lion is acting as security detail for the buck (which is my favorite option of the two)

It has to be one of those, because usually the big cat would be chomping at the bit to make the deer its dinner. However, the two seem to just be casually walking along and minding their own business, and the whole thing really does seem like it is a “buddy comedy” movie for kids.

The caption for the video nails it right on the head:

“No way! Are you kidding me?”

Since I have mentioned multiple times throughout the article that this seems to be straight out of a PG rated movie, I am contractually obligated (not really) to give some examples of potential movie titles for this mountain lion and big buck duo.

The movie, of course, would have to do with the power of friendship and not judging others by their appearance:

-Prey & Predator

– Buck & The Big Cat

– Wild Friends

– Deer-est Friendship

Prey and Predator might not be the best name for a kid’s movie. I could actually see it more as an Arnold Schwarzenegger led vehicle, but you never know…

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