Jackson Dean Takes It Back To 1863 In Cinematic “Fearless (The Echo)” Music Video

Jackson Dean country music

If you haven’t given Jackson Dean a listen, it’s time to get going.

The 22 year old Maryland native has made a mark on country music with his unique, gritty vocals, and southern rock flare.

He released his debut studio album Greenbroke last year, and has since garnered a ton of fans, earning him a spot to perform on the CMT Music Awards this past Sunday.

And last month, Dean released his latest single, “Fearless (The Echo).”

The song immediately grabs your attention from the opening line:

“I believe in ghosts… I’ve seen ’em in the trees, I’ve seen ’em in my dreams”

And now, the man has officially dropped the music video for the song.

The the cinematic music video was directed by Sean Hagwell, and it takes you back to the year 1863, showing just how far a couple is willing to go for the ones they love.

Dean himself weighed in on the video:

“This song is about way more than just being a daredevil, so I wanted the video for it to have substance… along with a bit of action. I wanted it to tell the story in such a way that viewers get so emotionally invested in the storyline they feel the deeper message of the lyrics.

Seeing it for the first time I was moved by the realness. Having my family be the ones that bring it all to life makes the song feel that much more personal to me now; it just strikes a bit different… it hits much closer to home.”

Check it out:

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