West Virginia Fisherman Hauls In Massive State Record Muskie

Luke King

Talk about a BIG TIME W.

Back on March 19th, 27-year-old Luke King went out to go catch some muskies on the Little Kanawha River in Braxton County, West Virginia.

He recalled the start of his trip to Outdoor Life:

“I headed to a shoreline place about two miles from where I live and thought I’d make a few casts to see if there were any muskies cruising that morning.

I got to a spot where a long, deep eddy of water came off a fast-water stretch and started casting a Hell Hound, hard-plastic glide bait.

Then I just felt some weight, not a real hard strike. So I set the hook, and I could feel a fish shaking its head.”

King, an experienced muskie angler, knew he had a big one on the lone by how hard it was fighting to stay low in the water column.

Once the muskie got near the bank, he was able to scoop it up with a large net:


He couldn’t measure it because he didn’t have a tape or measuring board, so he called a buddy who knew several state DNR officers, and one agreed to meet King on the river’s edge.

DNR assistant fish biologist Aaron Yeager showed up to the scene with a measuring board and scale, and the muskie ended up measuring 55 1/16-inches in length, with a girth of 27-inches.

They then went over to a certified weigh scale at a feed store in Gassaway, where it was weighed at 51 pounds.

I’d say the trip was a success, as it was an official West Virginia muskie state record.

9-Year-Old Girl Reels In Monster Muskie On Lake Of The Woods

That’s what it’s all about.

There’s nothing like reeling in an absolute monster, but it might be ever better watching your kids do it. Granted, my daughter ain’t even a year old yet, but I go bonkers when she puts this yellow ball inside this hole in a wooden box (great toy from Target by the way).

I can only imagine my joy when she hooks her first muskie.

For former Pro-Bowl NFL lineman, Joe Thomas, that was exactly the scenario last weekend.

According to Outdoor Life, Joe was fishing out on Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods with his 9-year-old daughter Logan when she hooked into a big ol’ muskie.

Lake of the Woods is a massive lake that straddles Minnesota and Canadian provinces Ontario and Manitoba. The largest lake in the United States that’s not a Great Lake, it’s known for some of the best fishing in the world, especially when it comes to walleye, but muskie, pike, bass, perch… LOW has it all.

Dad was holding the camera and losing his mind in the background:

Look at this beast:

Retirement looks good on you, my man.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock