Morgan Wallen Releases Acoustic Performance Of Current Single, “One Thing At A Time”

Morgan Wallen country music

This one is so fun.

In today’s installment of Morgan Wallen’s acoustic One Record At A Time Sessions series, we’re getting a stripped-back performance of “One Thing At A Time.”

The title track to his just-released third studio album, the song is a co-write by Morgan’s friend and frequent collaborator ERNEST, along with Ashley Gorley and Ryan Vojtesak.

“One Thing” is actually Morgan’s current single at country radio too, and the production here in this live performance is pretty dang similar to the studio cut.

It’s already flying up the country charts, well on the way to becoming his 9th career hit single at country radio, so don’t be too surprised to see it at the top in the near future.

And the new album is already breaking all sorts of records, putting up the biggest streaming numbers for any country record ever released.

With release week officially ending this weekend, we’ll soon get even more numbers and data on every record he’s broken with this project, which will be a lot of them, based on early predictions from Billboard.

But I have to say once again, these acoustic performances are still the best in my opinion, and I would love to get a separate project on streaming platforms with just these sessions:

The acoustic performance of “Me + All Your Reasons” is still my abolsute favorite, though… his vocals here are perfect and it’s easily one of the best songs from the new record:

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