Idaho Elk Herd Stretches As Far As The Eye Can See

Elk herd Idaho

Wildlife being wildlife is just neat sometimes.

Large herds all traveling in a line is just very appealing to the eye. I don’t know if it’s the fact there’s so many animals together or that they all conform to a certain behavior in complete peace. It’s probably a mix of the two, but damn, it’s cool to see.

Elk are a social animal, often living in herds. Herd size can get to around 200 elk, however in some rare cases can be over 400 individuals… all run by a single elk. It’s pretty crazy that animals interact like this.

This elk herd in Idaho is seen running across a road, just as far as the eye can see there are elk running… in BOTH DIRECTIONS.

It’s incredible. The video shows one side of the road with a massive line of elk all running, and then, as the video pans over it shows them crossing the road and then the same thing one the other side as far as you can see.

Now, I’m not the best mathematician out there, but I would say there are well over 400 elk running here, quite possibly over a thousand. There’s really no telling how far back that lines goes and with over 120,000 elk in the state of Idaho at any given time, it’s not impossible for a thousand elk to be in one herd.

It may be extremely rare to see a herd this large anymore, but I suppose anything is possible. Strength in numbers, amirite?

“Large elk herd crossing a side road just East of I-15 about 4.5 miles north of Fort Hall. “

This is impressive to say the least.

And hell, you don’t mind waiting to cross for something like this… sure beats the hell out of waiting for a train.


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