Jason Isbell Drops Trailer For Upcoming Album: “Life & Death Songs… For Grown-A** People”

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It’s officially official… Jason Isbell is back.

Yesterday, the famed singer/songwriter and Alabama native announced in a teaser YouTube video that there is an album in the works, and coming our way here in the near future, via Isbell’s own label, Southeastern Records.

The video, which was perfectly narrated by ESPN’s Wright Thompson promises a new collection of “grown up songs,” and teased track titles like “Death Wish,” “White Beretta,” “Volunteer,” and “Cast Iron Skillet.”

Thompson describes Isbell as a”

“Isbell is a storyteller at the peak of his craft. Observing his fellow wanderers, looking inside himself and trying to understand, reducing a universe to four minutes.

He shrinks life small enough to name the fear and strip it away, helping his listeners make sense of how two plus two and stops equally four once you reach a certain age and carry a certain amount of scars.”

While a full track list wasn’t revealed, titles of songs can be seen in the studio which include, “Cast Iron Skillet,” “Volunteer,” “Death Wish,” “The King of Oklahoma,” “White Beretta,” “The Letter J,” and more.

They’re described as:

“Songs about adult love, about change, about the danger of nostalgia and the interrogation of myths, about cruelty and regret of redemption.”

And in short, summed them up as:

“Life and death songs… played for and by grown-ass people.”

For the video, it takes you through several clips of Isbell and his band, the 400 Unit, hard at work in the studio as Thompson continues his narration.

It appears as though the album will be self-produced, however no official details have been released.

We don’t have an official release date for the project, this will be his first body of new work since his 2021 Georgia Blue album, a charity project Isbell promised to release if Joe Biden won the state of Georgia in the 2020 United States presidential election.

Check it out:

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