Luke Combs Shares The Story Behind New Single, “Love You Anyway”

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Incase ya haven’t heard, Luke Combs dropped his second single today for his upcoming album Gettin’ Old, which is slated to drop on March 24th.

The song is titled “Love You Anyway,” a sweet, fiddle driven love song that was an unreleased fan favorite since 2020, up until today’s release.

With that being said, ol’ Luke took to Instagram to share the story behind the song, and the inspiration behind the title.

He said:

“Valentine’s Day 2020. I was playing a show and had dedicated ‘Beautiful Crazy’ to Nicole and said, ‘If you’re in here (the arena), I love you. If not, you know I do anyway.’

Unknown to me, my buddy Dan wrote down ‘Love You Anyway’ as a title in his phone after hearing that, then he told me the story later that month when he and I were writing with my good friend Ray Fulcher.

We loved the idea as a title and decided to write about loving someone so much that even if you knew from the beginning they were going to break your heart, you’d love them anyway. It came off very poetic and we wanted to find the words that could really give meaning to what we were trying to say, but as we say in the song, we didn’t know if there were deep enough words made for that.

But it all came together and essentially it’s a heartbreak and love song all in one. And long story short, me dedicating a song I wrote about Nicole ended up turning into another song about Nicole, and how three years later the song is finally out at the same time of year. It’s a special one to me and I hope y’all love it as much as I do.”

Needless to say, Combs summed it up perfectly.

As are most of his songs, “Love You Anyway” is relatable to nearly everybody. Most people, at one time or another, have dealt with relationships where you ultimately have to let someone go, although you still have a ton of love for them.

Check it out:

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