Luke Combs Reveals Full 18-Song Tracklist For ‘Gettin’ Old,’ Includes A Cover Of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”

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Luke Combs has a new album coming soon.

His forthcoming fourth studio album Gettin’ Old is slated to drop on March 24th, and today, he’s revealing the full 18-song tracklist.

The album will include a cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” which fans have been hoping he’d come through with, in addition to the already-released title track and the tune he’s dropping this Friday, “Love You Anyway.”

It also includes several previously unreleased fan-favorites, like “Joe” and “5 Leaf Clover.”

Luke is a co-writer on 16 out of 18 songs, and “My Song Will Never Die” is an Eric Church co-write, which I’m looking forward to hearing.

And speaking of Eric, two of his band members, Jeff Hyde and Driver Williams, are co-writers on “Back 40 Back,” and I’m really excited to hear that one too:

“Here it is – the full track list for my new album Gettin’ Old – out March 24!”

Of the new album, Luke said the main themes are centered on the stage of life he’s in right now:

“This album is about the stage of life I’m in right now. One that I’m sure a lot of us are in, have been through, or will go through.

It’s about coming of age, loving where life is but missing how it used to be, continuing to fall for the one you love and loving them no matter what, living in the moment but still wondering how much time you have left, family, friends, being thankful, and leaving a legacy.”

Luke just released his last album Growin’ Up back in June, but clearly, we’ve got a lot of new tunes to look forward to next month.

Gettin’ Old Tracklist:

1. “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old” (Luke Combs, Rob Snyder, Channing Wilson)
2. “Hannah Ford Road” (Luke Combs, Jamie Davis)
3. “Back 40 Back” (Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, Jeff Hyde, Driver Williams)
4. “You Found Yours” (Luke Combs, Thomas Archer, Dan Isbell, James McNair)
5. “The Beer, The Band, And The Barstool” (Luke Combs, Rob Williford, Reid Isbell)
6. “Still” (Luke Combs, Jamie Davis, Ray Fulcher, Dan Isbell, Dustin Hunley)
7. “See Me Now” (Luke Combs, Kenton Bryant, Ray Fulcher, James McNair)
8. “Joe” (Luke Combs, Erik Dylan, James Slater)
9. “A Song Was Born” (Luke Combs, Casey Beathard, Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell)
10. “My Song Will Never Die” (Eric Church, Travis Meadows, Jonathan Singleton)
11. “Where The Wild Thigns Are” (Randy Montana, Dave Turnbull)
12. “Love You Anyway” (Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, Dan Isbell)
13. “Take You With Me” (Luke Combs, James McNair, Rob Williford)
14. “Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman)
15. “Tattoo On A Sunburn” (Lukes Combs, Ray Fulcher, Ben Hayslip, Dan Isbell)
16. “5 Leaf Clover” (Luke Combs, Jessi Alexander, Chase McGill)
17. “Fox In The Henhouse” (Luke Combs, Jamie Davis, Dan Isbell, Dustin Hunley)
18. “The Part” (Luke Combs, Kenton Bryant, Ray Fulcher)

“Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old”

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