Colter Wall Performs Unreleased Song, “The Last Loving Words,” From Denver’s Buckhorn Exchange

Colter Wall country music

Nothing makes my week like some new Colter Wall music.

Colter released two singles “Cypress Hills and the Big Country” and a cover of the Waylon Jennings’ tune “Let’s All Help the Cowboys (Sing the Blues)” back in September 2022 and since then, fans have been waiting for the new album which he recently confirmed is in the works.

And today, he’s back with more.

The unreleased song, “The Last Loving Words,” is about traveling through the Goodnight-Loving Trail, an 1860s-era cattle trail that was used for driving longhorn cattle up from Texas through New Mexico and into Colorado and Wyoming.

It is an authentic cowboy song that is quite beautiful in the normal Colter fashion.

The Dusty Vaquero channel is a newer channel that showcases cowboys and ranchers alike with live performances and has featured artists like Colten Jesse, Sam Munsick, and more. This is so fitting for Colter Wall as he is the new standard for cowboy country music and there is nothing quite like hearing his raw vocals.

Jake Zielke, the man behind the Dusty Vaquero channel, said:

“Shooting with Colter is great. Most of the time he’s just like any other cow hand you’d run into in a branding pen, sale barn or rodeo. But when he picks up a guitar you’re transported to a different time and place.”

The video was filmed at The Buckhorn Exchange, an iconic restaurant in Denver, Colorado, known for serving various kinds of delicious wild game including elk, bison, rattlesnake and even Rocky Mountain oysters.

“Denver’s oldest restaurant, originally opened in 1893. The walls are littered with authentic items from President Teddy Roosevelt, Chief Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill.

This song is a tip of the hat to Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving who together created the Goodnight-Loving trail in the 1860s. The trail ran just east of where this video was shot.”

Needless to say, the video has my anticipation for his upcoming album at an all-time high.

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