Cody Jinks’ “What Else Is New” Rings As True Today As It Did In 2015

Cody Jinks country music

The more things change, they stay the same.

Cody Jinks rose to prominence due in large part to his killer 2015 album Adobe Sessionswhich featured some of his largest hits to date, including “Mama Song”, “Cast No Stones”, and the ever epic “Loud and Heavy”, but there’s a song on the record that never quite got it’s due, and given it is still absolutely relevant today, I think it’s high time we change that.

“What Else Is New” is about, well, how pretty much things are the same as they’ve always been and always will be.

Not the most Earth-shattering premise, but it’s the specific examples cited by Cody that really drive home that he’s onto something larger than just a cliché saying.

Let’s take a look at some of these lyrics, shall we?

“California’s still on fire
And it don’t rain no more in Texas
There’s a few less ice caps way up north of here
Mother Russia stays pissed-off
Yeah, she’s got some big old bombs
Still throwin’ around her weight after all these years”

Are we sure this wasn’t written this year?

It continues…

“And the price of gasoline is enough to make you scream
Yeah, the cost of livin’ goes up and the pay goes down”

Even though it’s starting to drop now, gas prices were just close to the highest they’ve ever been and we’re going through a period of pretty substantial inflation, driving the cost of everything up…

Surely it stops there, right?


Verse three hits at another major topic, but this time it’s certainly an evergreen issue…

“And the politicians will never know
How we let their egos go
No, they could not give two damns ’bout you and me
Yeah, but they still got their pensions
With some tactics they’d rather not mention
That’s the price we pay for them livin’ free”

Remember the whole members of congress insider stock trading conversation? (High and wide in both parties) What ever happened with that? Oh, they didn’t change the laws because the people benefiting from the law are the ones who are in charge of changing it?

Roger that…

Now, I’m not saying Cody Jinks is some oracle, but I’m also not saying he isn’t…

Just more proof that’s he’s one of the absolute best in the business.

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