Zach Bryan Says Cody Jinks’ “Mamma Song” Makes Him Cry… Same Dude, Same

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Tyler Stubblefield

This past weekend was a wild one for the state of Ohio.

The Buckeye Country Superfest brought in over 63,000 fans to Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, with a star-studded lineup with names like Luke Combs, Cody Jinks, Zach Bryan, Morgan Wade, Kameron Marlowe, and more.

The festival said it was the largest concert crowd to ever pack The Horseshoe (although juries still out on whether or not that’s actually true, considering some previous concerts claim to have more tickets sold).

But nevertheless, it was an absolutely monster crowd with a phenomenal lineup.

I mean c’mon, how could they not pack out the house with a lineup that stacked?

With that being said, Zach Bryan shared a few of the memories he made this past weekend, including one in particular that’s relatable to just about any country music fan.

Reppin’ a sweet vintage Ohio State shirt, you can see Bryan giving ol’ Cody Jinks a fist bump, with a caption that reads:

“Here’s to Cody Jinks making my ass cry every time he plays mama song”

Same man, same.

I think we can all admit that “Mamma Song” has made us feel some type of way somewhere down the line, and I swear it gets better and better every time I hear it.

Ya gotta love it, just guys bein’ dudes.

And of course, I have to share the iconic video of Jinks bringing his mama on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre to sing “Mamma Song:”

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