Drone Footage Of Frozen Restaurant Near Buffalo, New York Looks Like The Start Of The Next Ice Age

ice house
John Normile/Getty Images

It’s no secret that a good bit of the country suffered from extremely cold temperatures over the holiday weekend, resulting in power outages, and tons of people were even trapped inside their own homes as a result of the large amounts of snow and ice.

I’d been hearing all week about how bad it was in upstate New York, but I’ll admit, I had no idea it was this extreme.

These pictures look borderline apocalyptic.

Drone footage and images were taken over the edge of Lake Erie in upstate New York, to give everybody a perspective of just how brutal the conditions were up in that part of the country.

As you can see, the buildings are completely covered by snow.

But, perhaps the wildest part are the massive, gothic looking icicles that can be seen covering doors, windows, and hanging from buildings.

Seriously, it looks like they aren’t even real, and man made for some kind of movie set, leaving a ton of these buildings borderline unrecognizable.

One of those buildings was Hoak’s Lakeshore Restaurant in the Buffalo suburb of Hamburg.

According to the New York Post, owner Kevin Hoak said:

“It started on Friday, I’d say probably around eight or nine in the morning.”

He added that the strong winds blew lake water over the buildings, which ultimately froze into these massive icicles when the temperatures plummeted from 45 degrees to 12 degrees.

Luckily enough, Hoak’s restaurant was nearly unharmed, with only the parking lot getting “beat up bad:”

“It actually protected the restaurant by dropping so low in temperature, because it is acting as a barrier, protecting the restaurant foundation.”

Needless to say, this stuff is haunting.

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