Polar Bear Taking Out A Walrus Is Just An Absolute Bloodbath

Polar bear fight

Nature is a harsh place.

Only the strong survive, and most of the time, to be strong you have to be violent.

Polar bears are the definition of strong and violent. The are the largest carnivore in North America with no natural predators.

Nothing hunts them and they will hunt anything that is edible and near them, sometimes traveling miles to find a meal in the harsh Arctic climates.

They’re also the biggest and meanest members of the bear family.

Males can weigh over 1,700 pounds, making them an absolutely massive and a killing machine.

Their fur is snow white, to blend in with their surroundings. This allows them to go unnoticed until they are attacking their prey in many cases. They will eat anything they can catch a scent or sight of, and track it down for miles.

With all that white fur, one might wonder if they stay clean throughout their adventures. The answer is written clear in the snow here…

A polar bear is seen on video taking out a walrus…

Violent and gruesome is an understatement as this ferocious predator takes down the largest animal that lives near it. The bear rips and manhandles the walrus as if it weighs a couple pounds instead of a couple tons…

The blood is everywhere across the snow and the bears fur looking like its straight out of a horror movie. Just an absolute bloodbath.

Nature, man, it will always amaze.

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