Jessica Chastain Says Miranda Lambert Offered Her “Bourbon In A Red Solo Cup” When They First Met At The CMA’s

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Jessica Chastain and Miranda Lambert are two ladies after my own heart.

Of course, Jessica is an Academy Award winning actress, and is currently playing Tammy Wynette in the new George & Tammy series, alongside Michael Shannon as  George Jones.

And she recently chatted with Audacy’s 103.7 KSON San Diego, where she talked about playing Tammy Wynette, among other things, saying she was “so protective” of her and making sure she nailed the character.

When the hosts asked her if she could have a dinner party with six people in the entertainment business, she replied that she’s been inspired by George and Tammy and their lively dinner parties, so she wanted something wild… but not quite as crazy as the infamous dinner with the table flip:

“Well I’m just gonna tell you right now, I want it to be a wild dinner party. I wanna be inspired by George Jones and Tammy, no table flipping… like I don’t need to run off with anyone.”

She added that she’d probably invite people like Michael Shannon, Oscar Isaac, Anne Hathaway and country music’s own Miranda Lambert, who apparently offered her “bourbon in a red solo cup” when they first met at the CMA Awards last month… ya gotta love it.

Here they are with said red solo cups… leave it to Miranda to have the bourbon on-hand and ready to go for everyone:

That’s probably the most Miranda thing I’ve ever heard, honestly, and Jessica said she was “obsessed” with her (same), and she had to invite people she knew would bring it:

“I met Miranda Lambert at the CMAs and she offered me bourbon in a red solo cup, and I’m obsessed with her. So she would be a fun addition to the party.

I mean, come on, it has to be people that are going to bring it, you know?”

I don’t know about a dinner party, but hanging out with these two sippin’ some bourbon from a solo cup at a dive bar sounds like a helluva time…

And if you haven’t seen it yet, the first two episodes of George & Tammy are available to watch on Youtube, with the rest of them are exclusively airing on Showtime.

Michael and Jessica are also doing their own singing for the show, so make sure you check out Jessica performing Tammy’s “Apartment #9” while you’re here:

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