Wheeler Walker Jr. Tries To Give Walker Hayes’ “Y’all Life” A Shot, & His Reaction Is Priceless

Wheeler Walker jr country music

Man, it feels like yesterday when everywhere I looked, and every radio station and channel I’d flip to was playing that God awful “Fancy Like” song by Walker Hayes.

Ya know, the “Applebee’s” song, for those that have never cared to even look the song up.

I still find myself waking up in cold sweats after hearing that song in my nightmares.

Incase you’ve been thinking about what Walker Hayes has been up to since the “Fancy Like” song, the answer is simple…

He’s still rapping “country” music with those damn electronic beats, and most recently, he’s been riding this “Y’all Life” song.

Let me put it this way. Hayes tried to vouch for the song to be this year’s college football theme song for the SEC Network, and the SEC Network tweeted him back saying they may like to do it…

Until they had to delete the tweet because everybody was begging them not to do it. It’s that bad…

But speaking of this “Y’all Life” song, one of the greatest country music purists and well respected critics gave the song a shot…

And I’m talking about the great Wheeler Walker Jr., who some may call the “Song bird of our generation.”

A lyrical mastermind, he’s recorded mega hits like “Fuck You Bitch,” “Drop ‘Em Out,” “Redneck Shit,” “Fucked by a Country Boy,” and much, much more (This is all satire of course, but Wheeler is a legend indeed).

Ol’ Wheeler recently posted a video to his YouTube channel, giving ol’ “Y’all Life” a try.

Needless to say, as soon as the song kicks off, his reaction is absolutely priceless. In fact, the song even brings him to tears for all the wrong reasons, as he hilariously weeps:

“Why is this happening?”

“What am I watching?”

“I’m so sad right now. God d*mn I’m sad.”

“Turn it off! Turn it off! This f*cking sucks.”

Check it out:

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