SEC Gets DESTROYED Suggesting That Walker Hayes’ “Y’all Life” Is The Official Song Of Football Season… Deletes Tweet

Walker Hayes country music

On Friday, the SEC’s official Twitter page posted a video of Walker Hayes’ new single, Y’all Life, with the not so subtle statement…

“Just might be the song of football season right here… wanna collab?”

Sounds like something is in the works, which wouldn’t be a surprise considering the fact that the SEC used Luke Combs “South On Ya” last season for some promotional materials.

Hayes enthusiastically accepted the notion of collaborating with the SEC, but both parties didn’t consider one very important detail… the dedicated SEC fans absolutely HATED the idea.

And their answer was made resoundingly clear in the hundreds of replies to the original tweet before the SEC finally removed it from their timeline altogether.

It seems that after a long 2021 season of hearing “Fancy Like,” Hayes’ previous hit, in every stadium and on countless Applebee’s commercials 25 times a game, fans are over it… full stop.

A few fan responses included ranking “Y’all Life” as an equal insult to putting Missouri in the East and didn’t even stop when a fan said the selection of song was embarrassing to Jesus.

The community outburst serves as a staunch reminder to the SEC that they are also representing the home states of country music, and their selection could use more than one millisecond of consideration before making anything official.

Check out some of the conversation from Twitter below…

OOF… brutal.

If you haven’t heard the new song yet, listen at your own risk:

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