Washington Commanders QB Taylor Heinicke Slams Busch Lights On Team Plane After Big Win Against Eagles

Taylor heineke

Yep, I just gained a ton more respect for Washington Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke.

For those who aren’t too familiar with the name, Heinicke played quarterback at Old Dominion University, and was signed as an undrafted free agent back in 2015.

He’s been a career backup ever since he was signed, but started almost every game last year after original starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went down with injury, and is in the same position this year, as he’s had to take over the helms after starting quarterback Carson Wentz got hurt.

And sure enough, he led the Commanders to a 32-21 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, who were undefeated going into the game.

As you could imagine, ol’ Heinicke was pretty pumped up, and how could he not be?

He probably thought he wouldn’t be playing this season at all, and last night he led his team to a victory over the best team in the NFL.

However, perhaps the best part of Heinicke’s night was the after party…

Footage from a teammate showed him sporting some sweet chains (Kirk Cousins style) slamming some Busch Lattes, iced down in a trash can, on the team’s private jet.

Needless to say, my guy has a great taste in beer.

It’s NEVER a bad day when you’re drinking a Busch Light, whether you just got fired from your blue collar job, or just beat the best time in the NFL.

Much respect.

Minnesota Vikings DB Kris Boyd called them out for doing… exactly what the Vikings do on their team flights home.

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock