Kayak Fisherman Has Scary Encounter When A Shark Shreds His 45-Pound Tuna


Yup, that would make me head in for shore.

Sharks are just a frightening predator. The hit hard and fast, often have thousands of razor-sharp teeth and do not care that you are a human.

I think the fact that they live in the oceans adds to the mix too. They are in a large body of water with many unknowns, yet are still known to be the most fearless predator in the water.

In many areas they are apex predators, meaning nothing is higher on the food chain than them.

Kayak fishing is a relatively new and increasingly popular way to enjoy fishing. Comparatively, it is a cheaper way to be very comfortable on the water while fishing. It’s easy to do solo, especially compared to other boats. The modern technology with foot pedals and stabilization makes it easy to travel far distances on water to get to the honey holes.

But, being in a big body of water in small boat has its challenges too. You can get pulled for miles like this guy fighting a marlin, have a sturgeon nearly take you boat out, or feel that much closer to the sharks below, just like this here.

As this fisherman reeled in a big ol’ tuna, he was presented with a surprise when he got it in. Some big bites taken out of his fresh catch.

“Well, I’m out here kayak fishing. Hooked a tuna, then ahh, then this happened.

Oh my gosh.”

The man examines the bites, that are super clean. The shark bite through this fish with ease.

“Probably like a 45-pound tuna just got bodied by a shark.”

As the man realizes what happened and looks the long distance to shore, he states how I feel watching it.

“That is scary, I do not want to be in here.

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The crazy part is it happened to him again too. This man just can’t stop in the shark waters.

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