Sundy Best’s Nicholas Jamerson Teases New Single Featuring Charles Wesley Godwin, “Peace Mountain”

Nicholas Jamerson country music
Lindsey Patkos

If you love some independent country music, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve jammed to Sundy Best at some point over the years.

The Kentucky duo has been a Whiskey Riff fan favorite for a while now.

Touring alongside Muscadine Bloodline this year, and releasing a few new songs, the boys are primed for a new album next year.

But that’s not the only exciting news they have in store…

Because Nicholas Jamerson from Sundy Best teased a new single today titled “Peace Mountain,” featuring the great Charles Wesley Godwin.

The song appears to be a haunting boot stomper, about returning to your roots when you pass away, which they describe as “Peace Mountain.”

The new single is slated to drop next Friday.

But the news doesn’t stop there, as Jamerson also announced on the Instagram post that he has a solo project in the works that is slated to drop in May.

Needless to say, we’ll have our eyes peeled for when that one drops.

Check it out:

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