Cody Jinks Says He’s Headed Back To The Studio In November

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Jason Deramo

Well this is the best news I’ve heard all day.

It’s been less than a year since Cody Jinks rocked our worlds by doing something we’ve never seen before, as he released a brand new country album, Mercy, along with a full blown metal album, None the Wiser, with his rock band Caned By Nod.

Although it may be an obscure move to some, it was right up Jinks’ alley, as he’s never been one to go by the book and play by the rules. He also got his start in rock and metal music before becoming one of our favorite country artists.

As he says in his smash hit “Hippies and Cowboys:”

“I get a bad attitude from being tired and running ’roundI never ask for anyone to say they like my soundI’ve never been a part of any musical sceneI ain’t just talking Nashville, if you know what I mean…”

And of course, that’s why we all know and love the guy.

However, if you thought that he was ready to hang it up for a while after releasing the country and metal albums last year, think again…

Because Jinks just shared some great news on Twitter:

“Yep, going to the studio for a couple of weeks in November.”


Whether it’s just a single he’s cooking up, or working ahead of time for a new album in the works, any day Cody Jinks shares the news of a new project is a great one.

And his most recent single, the longtime fan favorite “Loud & Heavy” is currently charting on the Music Row chart.

“Loud & Heavy”

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