Giant Black Bear Walks Right Through Wedding Proposal In Wild Viral Video

bear proposal

Not exactly the kind of ring bearer you want…

Ricardo Morale set up a beautiful and intimate proposal space to pop the question to his girlfriend Cecilia Canabal, only to have the moment interrupted by a giant black bear.

He set it all up at the Chipinque Ecological Park in Cerro de Chipinque, Nuevo Leon State, Mexico, with hundreds of rose petals on the ground, along with some beautiful lighting and a sign that read “Marry Me.”

As Ricardo is literally down on one knee asking Cecilia to marry him, the bear casually just strolls by, walking directly in front of the man who’s taking the video of the proposal (and probably scaring the shit out of everybody in the process).

And according to the New York Post, Ricardo said it happened right at the magical moment when he was going to put the ring on his fiancé’s finger:

“The incident took place just after the ‘yes’ when I was going to put the ring on her finger.

That’s when we heard the waiters/gardeners tell us ‘don’t be afraid.’”

You can even see Cecilia kind of giggling in the background, which is impressive because I would be freaking out, as the couple tries to stay still and let the bear just walk on by without startling it or anything like that.

He added that the bear eventually jumped over a wall and went into a nearby garden:

“We told each other ‘don’t move,’ which is why we’re static in the video when the bear passed. It then climbed over a wall and went into a garden.”

I mean, it’s probably not exactly the moment they hoped for, or at the very least ever thought of, but it’s certainly one they’ll never forget…

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