Bison Jumps On Boardwalk At Yellowstone National Park, Tourists Don’t Seem To Mind

Bison yellowstone

This almost ended really badly.

As breathtaking as the views and wildlife at Yellowstone National Park are, people forget that this is a natural habitat, not a petting zoo full of attractions.

Yes, the bears, elk, bison etc. are all real, and not robots, like one Yellowstone idiot tourist asked a park ranger one time.

The park is very clear about staying at least 25 yards away from the wildlife, although people rarely follow the guidelines, and we’ve seen a number of people pay the price for it.

With that being said, here’s a prime example of a situation that could’ve potentially resulted in not only injury, but death.

Here you see a bison, hanging out beside a boardwalk at Yellowstone.

As it’s just chilling, a number of tourists stand near it, and try to snap some pictures and what not while they have the opportunity.

And then, things get pretty intense when the bison proceeds to jump onto the boardwalk, and face the tourists for a brief second.

It appears that the bison may have felt threatened, and thought about standing its ground.

The bison then turns around and makes its way up the boardwalk in the opposite direction, as a guy films it from a pretty close distance away.

I don’t know if you can call this guy ballsy or just plain stupid, because there’s no way I’d be standing in the way of a massive bison trudging towards me.

As the videographer continues to roll the camera, you can see several other tourists try to quickly make their way across the boardwalk, trying to get out of harm’s way.

While other… get closer.

Check it out:

Mother Bison Protects Her Dead Calf From Hungry Coyote

Yellowstone is not for the faint of heart.

Surely one of the most breathtaking places in the United States, and even the entire world, Yellowstone National Park is simply incredible. The stunning views, the wildlife, Old Faithful… it’s a vast land of endless beauty and wonder.

It’s also brutal and unforgiving… especially when it comes to the wildlife. Bears, elk, wolves, bison… all vying for survival. It’s cruel out there and not everybody wins…

In this intense showdown, a mother bison does her best to defend her young calf’s body from a hungry coyote, but eventually, the burden of protecting her deceased calf became to much to bear.

However, one animal’s death becomes another’s meal… the circle of life on full display.

Cue the Uncle Lucious…

Woman Trips Running From Charging Bison

Idiots are everywhere at Yellowstone these days.

We saw a 9-year-old girl get air mailed (she was fine though) after her parents got too close, and even more recently, we saw an elderly lady get gored at Yellowstone after she tried to pet a bison, yes PET A BISON.

It should go without saying, but don’t try and put a bison people…

Anyways… now we have another lady who barely escaped, in fact… tripping over her own feet might’ve saved her life.

A unnamed woman was recently touring Yellowstone National Park and found herself running for her life when she got too close to a charging bison. She tripped, fell flat on her face, and then played dead. The charging bison pumped the brakes right before running her clean over.

According to KBZK, the woman was a “Montana local” and knew that she should “play dead,” but I have to ask… if you know to “play dead” when a bison tries to smash you like a bug, then how come you don’t know to stay the hell away from them?

Like, ya know?

I mean, here’s the bison warning from Yellowstone right now…

Basically, keep your distance from moose, stay WAY the hell away from bears, and Bison? Don’t even think about it…

And yet somehow, we have a new story every day with some bozo wandering right up to the herd to get a pic for the ‘Gram.


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