Yellowstone Employees Expose The Dumbest Questions They’ve Ever Received: “Are The Bison Animatronic?”

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When you’re the oldest national park in the world, you already know you’re gonna have a broad variety of people of all shapes and sizes showing up to visit year in and year out.

With that being said, this also includes dumb people as well.

Just take all of the bison incidents that’ve been going on here recently. Three people were attacked by bison in a week, with a couple of them breaking Yellowstone National Park guidelines of staying at least 25 yards away from the wildlife…

And they paid the price, as a couple of them had to be taken to the hospital.

As you can probably imagine, Yellowstone employees are probably starting to get fed up with some of the idiotic decisions some of the tourists have been making here recently, and that’s what makes this recent TikTok from the park that much more hilarious.

The TikTok page @yellowstonejobs recently posted a video, exposing the dumbest questions they’ve ever received from tourists…

And I cannot lie, some of these (actually, all of them) are pretty damn sad.

Here’s a rundown of some of the worst questions Yellowstone employees have ever been asked:

“Are the bison animatronic?”

“Do these stairs go up?”

“How much chlorine does it take to keep the lake clean?”

“Does Old Faithful go off in the winter?”

“Is the Old Faithful Inn made of real wood?”

“Are mud pots the same as mud baths, and is it OK to soak in them?”

“What time do you let animals out of their cages?”

Shaking my head.

See for yourself:


Tourists Say the Darnedest Things. What questions have you been asked? #yellowstonejobs #nationalparks #xanterralife #yellowstone

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Massive Group Of Tourists Approach Bison At Yellowstone

The season is young, and interrupted by massive flooding, and we have seen an alarming number of human-bison encounters at Yellowstone National Park.

A man went to the hospital after saving a little kid from getting trampled by a bison, a 71-year-old Pennsylvania woman was gored by one, and a man was gored over a fencepost while trying to get out of the bison’s way.

Needless to say, it’s been an ongoing threat to both park visitors and bison safety, and the National Park Service issued a warning yesterday about keeping your distance from the massive creature…

“Don’t pet the fluffy cows.”

But, people are dumb, which has led us to this footage right here.

According to Cowboy State Daily, this video of a number of tourists getting within 10-feet of a bison occurred on Sunday afternoon, only a few short days after the latest bison attack at the park.

You see dozens of people surround the creature like it’s a pony at a county fair petting zoo.

Richard Midgette, an IT Specialist at Yellowstone, is the one who captured the footage of dozens of visitors, which included children as well.

You can hear him tell his counterpart in the vehicle:

“Could they be any dumber? People don’t understand he’s a wild frickin’ animal.”

A whole group of children and parents / gaurdians ignoring wildlife distancing…no bison were harmed, but many many brain cells were.

Posted by Richard Midgette on Sunday, July 10, 2022

As you can imagine, Yellowstone employees are starting to get fed up with the actions of parkgoers.

Yellowstone spokesperson Morgan Warthin told the outlet last Friday:

“Bison are wild animals and if they are approached, they can be dangerous. Most of the time visitors are approaching bison inadvertently.

But if approached, they’ll move towards the visitor, basically to say to the visitor, ‘Move out of the way.'”

Park officials have been stressing here recently to stay at least 25 yards away from the wildlife at Yellowstone, but it just doesn’t seem to be registering in people’s minds how dangerous this situation could be.

Don’t be surprised if another story about another bison attack surfaces in coming days.

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