Morgan Wade Hilariously Calls Out Troll Claiming To Be A Lawyer And Saying Her Music Video With Kip Moore Was “Unsuitable For Youtube”

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Eat your heart out, Miss Bonnie…

Morgan Wade recently shared a hilarious email she received from a woman, whose email says her name is Sheryl Southworth, though Morgan confirmed her real name is Bonnie, attacking Morgan for co-starring in Kip Moore’s recent “If I Was Your Lover” video.

Apparently, Bonnie was not too please to see the steamy new music video Morgan was featured in alongside Kip, where the two get pretty cozy in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

The email subject line read:

“I am attorney hired by Kip Moore soon to be wife.”

And she goes on to detail (with atrocious grammar) the fact that Kip has apparently hired her to represent his “soon to be wife,” saying that Morgans video with Kip is “unsuitable for Youtube,” and that she can’t come within 1000 feet of him.

It also says something about her “client” not being able to watch the video or listen to the song “without throwing up,” which is extremely dramatic (and completely made up, obviously), but pretty damn funny nonetheless.

Morgan shared a screenshot of the email over on Twitter with the following caption and a few “laughing” emojis:

“I am dead.”

People are somethin’ else…

If you need a good laugh today, this is it, but fair warning, you might melt your brain trying to read these sentences that make no sense:

I hate to break it to ‘ol Bonnie, but she probably has about a snowballs chance in Hell with Kip, so hopefully she can come to terms with that in the near future, move on and leave Morgan alone.

Morgan added that Bonnie has been messaging her four times a day, telling her to die and that she’s a whore, so she sounds like a real catch:

“Her real name is Bonnie lol. She messages me 4x a day telling me to die, and that I’m a whore. Hi Bonnie!”

Props to Morgan for calling her out. People suck, but this is funny as shit.

And if you haven’t seen the video yet, make sure you check it out (unless your name is Bonnie):

Morgan also just announced her very first headlining No Signs Of Slowing Down tour that’s set to kick off in 2023:

No Signs Of Slowing Down tour dates:

2/24/23 — Louisville, Kentucky#
2/25/23 — Columbus, Ohio#
2/26/23 — Washignton, D.C.#
3/01/23 — New York, NY*
3/02/22 — Cambridge, MA*
3/04/22 — Cleveland, Ohio*
3/05/23 — Detroit, MI*
3/07/23 — Indianapolis, IN+
3/08/23 — Madison, WI+
3/10/23 — Rosemont, IL+
3/11/23 — Minneapolis, MN+
3/12/23 — Des Moines, IA+
3/14/23 — Denver, CO^
3/15/23 — Salt Lake City, UT^
3/17/23 — Columbia Falls, MT^
3/18/23 — Seattle, WA^
3/19/23 — Portland, OR^
3/21/23 — San Francisco, CA^
3/23/23 — Los Angeles, CA^
3/24/23 — Paso Robles, CA^
3/25/34 — Santa Barbara, CA*
3/26/23 — Phoenix, AZ*
3/28/23 — Santa Fe, NM*
3/30/23 — Houston, TX*
3/31/23 — Austin, TX*
4/01/23 — Dallas, TX*
4/13/23 — Nashville, TN^
4/14/23 — Atlanta, GA^
4/15/23 — Asheville, NC^
4/16/23 — Richmond, VA^

#Kyle Kelly, *Kaitlin Butts, +Nate Fredrick, ^Meg McRee opening

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