Florida Woman Goes Viral Sharing Frightening Video Floating Around Her Flooded Home In A Blow-Up Kiddie Pool

Florida woman hurricane

It’s hard for us who aren’t from Florida to imagine the devastation that’s occurred over the past couple of days in the Sunshine State, due to Hurricane Ian.

All we have are pictures and video footage to put things into perspective, even if it’s just a shadow of the reality of the terrible scene there.

And speaking of videos that truly put things into perspective, here’s our latest example.

Video footage has circulated of a woman helplessly floating on a blow up kiddie pool, after her house had gotten flooded due to Hurricane Ian.

The clip, which was posted to TikTok, shows user Beth curled up in the pool turned life raft in her overflooded living room, with the chilling caption:

“Send prayers”

You can hear the user ask the audience in the footage:

“If you’ve ever floated in a floaty pool in your own living room with your refrigerator… and your door…”

@bigbe44Send prayers♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

According to the New York Post, her status is unclear, but she posted another chilling video in a dark house that looks straight from a horror film, and she says:

“If you could see me now, I’m alive, still floating in water, someone needs to come help me.”

This is just another horrific example of the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, where it’s expected to cost Florida $100 billion in damages.

@bigbe44NEED HELP, VERY COLD, wet and Dark!♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

@bigbe44I’m alive!!!

♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

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