Billy Ray Cyrus Is Rumored To Be Engaged To A Singer Named Firerose

Billy Ray Cyrus country music

Put a ring on it…

Earlier this year, Billy Ray Cyrus was making headlines when he and his wife of 28 years, Tish, announced their divorce.

And now, it appears that Mr. Achy Breaky Heart himself has found love once again…

To a woman who is much, much younger than his 61-year-old self.

According to The Sun, Cyrus is reportedly engaged to Firerose, an Australian born singer whose age is unknown, after pictures began circulating of her with a massive ring on her ring finger.

But not gonna lie, she looks younger than Miley.

The two collaborated on a single last year titled “New Day.”

The two have been spending a ton of time together, as they’ve posted a number of pictures together on social media.

Billy Ray has five children with former wife Tish, including Brandi, 35, Trace, 33, Miley, 29, Braison, 28, and Noah, 22, and ol’ Firerose looks like she may be somewhere in that age bracket.

A source told the outlet:

“Billy is happier than he has been in a long time with Firerose. 

There had been problems in his marriage for a while. He and Tish have been on and off for the best part of a decade, but things had been over for some time before the announcement in April.

Not everyone sees his decision to move on so quickly in the same light though.

There has been some tension with Miley, which is sad to see, but everyone is hopeful that they will be able to get over it soon enough.

Thankfully his other kids do not ­have an issue with him and he has just collaborated with his youngest, Noah, on a song.”

Billy Ray and Tish filed for divorce in April, and Tish noted in divorce proceedings that the two had not been living together for more than two years, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

It’s believed that the two have been separated for much longer than before it was announced. It was also the third time the couple has filed for divorce, as Billy Ray filed in 2010, and Tish filed in 2013.

In the photo below, from just a couple weeks ago, Firerose is spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring.

Congrats… maybe?

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