Joe Rogan Hilariously Sh*ts On The State Of Connecticut: “The Dumbest Place In The Country”

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan?

Not a Connecticut guy…

Rogan recently stopped by Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer’s 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast, and somehow, the conversation turned into pure Connecticut hatred.

Tom was talking about how people talk shit from the front row, and while he was performing in Connecticut recently, a guy wouldn’t shut up.

That’s when Rogan went on his tear:

“Yeah, Connecticut is always dumb… It’s the dumbest place in the country. It’s not a real state. It’s a highway between Boston and New York, and it’s filled with people that have no hope. They’re just trapped.

I grew up on Massachusetts so I worked in Connecticut all the time and every time I’d leave there I’d be like, ‘what the f*ck?'”

Tom also named Erie, Pennsylvania, as a city he hated and San Francisco, California, as a place that is completely falling apart.

“Before it was a homeless pool of diarrhea, it was an exciting place to be.”

I mean, is he wrong? I have never been to Connecticut, nor do I ever intend to go there.

Who wants to go to a state that all it’s known for is rich assholes and women’s college basketball?

Of course, they’re just talking shit, but it was good for a laugh nonetheless.


Of course, for Joe, hating on Connecticut is nothing new.

There’s an entire compilation video of Joe raggin’ on Connecticut, which he cautions as the end is just him talking shit, but nevertheless, he goes hard on the state.

Fellow comedian Sam Morril recently detailed the time he got chased off stage in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and nearly got his ass beat.

Which started Joe in on his hatred of the state:

“There’s no hope in Connecticut… Hartford c’mon… that’s barely a city. There’s like a few insurance buildings there, it’s weird.”

Rogan also recalled the time Dave Chappelle got ran off stage while in the state:

“Chappelle bombed there, when I saw that, I said ‘oh he’s in Connecticut.'”

Referring to when Chappelle walked off stage mid-set back in 2013 in Hartford after he got sick and tired of the people in the crowd.

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