Koe Wetzel Teases The Road To ‘Hell Paso,’ And That New Album Is Coming SOON

Koe Wetzel

Hell Paso is coming SOON.

Koe Wetzel just shared a link on all his social media accounts called theroadtohellpaso.com, where you can enter your name and a generator will calculate how far you are from what I assume is really El Paso, Texas, or somewhere close by in the Lone Star state:

When you call the number listed, a recording of Koe talking comes on, where he says we’re getting closer to Hell Paso, and he lists off a bunch of options to dial an extension to different cities, which brings up teasers of new music:

“Pick the city that’s closest to you, and I promise some crazy shit is gonna happen.”

For journalistic purposes, I put my name in the generator, and apparently I’m 1,476 miles from Hell Paso here where I live in North Carolina:

Koe Wetzel country music

As you can see in the photo above, the site also prompts you to pre-save Hell Paso, though no tracklist, release date, or any further information is available yet… but I already have it downloaded and ready to go on Apple Music for whenever the time comes, that’s for damn sure.

It also looks like what may be the album cover, or something similar, on the page where you can pre-save everything.

Koe has released two singles in the lead-up to the new record, including “April Showers,” and most recently, “Creeps.”

He also announced on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast a couple weeks ago that he had a collab with Diplo and Kodak Black on the way, in addition to a feature on a song he wrote with Jelly Roll.

I’m seeing him next week here in Charlotte, and I’d probably be the happiest girl alive if he dropped the album this Friday and I could have it on repeat before the show and learn the new tunes ahead of time.

Though that may not be the case, and we could still be a couple weeks out from release day, a girl can dream…

What I do know is that KW5 is almost here, and though Koe’s taking us on a journey to Hell Paso, it really feels heavenly knowing we’re so damn close to his next studio album.


“April Showers”

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