Hardy And Lainey Wilson Get In Character For Live Debut Performance Of Haunting New Single, “Wait In The Truck,” At Seven Peaks Music Festival

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HARDY and Lainey Wilson have a strong contender for song of the year with their new single, “Wait In The Truck.”

And this past weekend, they teamed up to sing it together for the first time live as a duo at Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks Festival in Villa Grove, Colorado.

But they didn’t just walk out on stage in their usual performance attire — they dressed up as the characters they play in the haunting music video.

Lainey still has the auburn hair from the video, and Hardy came out wearing the same orange jumpsuit he dons when he gets his prison sentence for murdering Lainey’s characters abuser.

Written by Hardy along with Hunter Phelps, Jordan Schmidt, and Renee Blair, the song shines a light on the darkness of domestic violence, as Lainey plays a girl who has been beaten and battered by the man she’s with, and Hardy finds her bloody on the side of the road and murders the man who beat her.

He winds up in prison, but admits that:

“It’s been sixty months and she still comes
To see me from time to time
It was worth the price, to see a brighter side
Of the girl I picked up that night
And I might be here forever
It ain’t paradise that’s true
But it’s whole hell of a lot better
Than the place I sent him to, yeah”

I don’t think I’ll ever not get chills listening to it… Hardy outdid himself with this song.

Check out their fantastic performance from over the weekend:

And if you haven’t seen the video yet, make sure you do so while you’re here.

It’s an important conversation to have, and these two do a great job of bringing every emotion and aspect of these complex situations to the forefront of the song:

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