Charles Wesley Godwin, Ward Davis & Josh Meloy Covering “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” Is Too Good To Not Share

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

I am still watching videos from Ward Davis’ Ryman debut.

The more I watch, the more envious I am of those in the room that night… it just looked phenomenal.

The most recent video obsession for me from this night is Charles Wesley Godwin, Ward Davis, and  Josh Meloy all on stage together covering “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

First off, this is an unreal lineup.

These three guys are incredibly talented musicians and songwriters, so to see them all in one night is a dream. Then they blessed the crowd with a song together. Secondly, covering anything John Denver is always going to get a crowd excited.

And for West Virginia native Charles Wesley Godwin, it’s a staple.

Godwin takes the lead for the verses, Davis supports in the chorus, and Meloy supports vocals on the harmony, but no matter who is taking the lead, these guys are having a ball on stage.

Davis is standing behind Godwin and singing along the whole time. In the end, they let the crowd help them out:

The crowd belts out the lines:

“Country roads, take me home/ To the place I belong/ West Virginia, mountain mama/ Take me home, country roads”

This video defines musicians who love what they do and how thrilled they are to be in a historic venue like The Ryman.

Their energy radiates into the crowd, the atmosphere… electric.

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