On This Date: Bill Murray & Legendary Broadcaster Harry Caray Crack A Beer Ahead Of First Night Game At Wrigley Field

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This video is insane for so many reasons.

First off, as a South Carolina native, I had absolutely no clue that Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs, never had lights for their stadium until this date back in 1988.

According to the MLB, the Cubs were still clinging to the old days when all baseball games were played during the day time (although, some would call that the way baseball was meant to be played).

And, there’s really nothing better than a 1:20pm game at Wrigley Field… walking into that glorious stadium just after noon (preferably on a day when you should be working), sitting down in your seat with a cold Bud Light as the Cubs take the field… it’s heaven.

Ownership said they wouldn’t add lights until the team was competitive again, but they finally caved and made the move in ’88… the last team to do so.

With that being said, a hilarious video has resurfaced on Twitter of that first night under the lights at Wrigley, featuring world famous comedian and Chicago native (and iconic Cubs fan) Bill Murray, and legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray.

In the video, Caray hands a beer over to Murray, even though he already appears to be absolutely drunk off his arse.

Murray hilariously accepts the beer, saying:

“Thanks Harry, I’ve been dying under these lights until you handed me this.”

After Caray asks him about the first ever night game at Wrigley, he responds:

“Well I don’t know how I feel about night baseball, it’s great for the minor leagues, but it’s someplace else to go in town besides your own restaurant, which is a good thing.”

Caray also asks him if he’s thought about becoming a baseball broadcaster once he’s retired from acting and comedy, and Murray hilariously responds:

“I think when I completely lose my mind here I’m gonna step right up into your spot here in the booth.”

Murray also explained why he went with his attire that night:

“Well I went with the blue and white figuring I could look like the grounds crew incase I got thrown out I could get back in.

It’s really beautiful, and it’s the most beautiful park in the world and it’s pretty under the lights too, and that’s what I was hoping.”


Unfortunately, the game got rained out, so the first Cubs night game would have to be postponed. Nevertheless, still an awesome moment in sports history.

Check it out:

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