Joanna Cotten Steps Away From Eric Church’s Band: “God Has Other Plans”

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If you’ve seen Eric Church live in the past decade or so, you undoubtedly are familiar with Joanna Cotten.

The powerhouse vocalist that accompanies him, it almost feels like a duo sometimes the way Joanna can steal the show. And I think that’s intentional… Eric knows she can bring it, and gives her plenty of opportunities to do so.

However, all good things must end (or so they say….)

Joanna took to Instagram today to announce that after the Gather Again Tour, she will be taking some time off to seemingly focus on some solo music.

She says:

“Hello, friends and fans… I want to let you all know that I made the decision to take some time off after the ‘Gather Again Tour’ to focus on writing some new songs and have a time of rest and recovery. It was my intention to return, but God has other plans.

I want you all to know that your energy carried me through so many shows with Eric. What a run we had. I am so grateful for the stages I sang on with him and the people I met along the way.

I am very much looking forward to new solo music and ventures on the horizon. I love you guys and I’ll see you out there on the road before you know it!” 

She also changed her bio to read “former background for Eric Church.”

If I remember correctly, Joanna missed some shows this year, whether it was due to Covid or other reasons. so there may be some other circumstances at play, however it sounds like the bulk of the reason is that Joanna will be pursuing a solo career.

And God knows she’s deserving of it.

I mean, as much as we love seeing her on stage alongside Eric forever, a voice like that is probably more than overdue for a shot at a solo career. She was signed to Warner in the early 2000s, however, a full studio album never materialized.

She released an EP called Funkabilly in 2007.

So in honor of Jo Jo spreading her musical wings, here’s a performance of “Over When It’s Over (which is ironically fitting for this situation):

“Over When It’s Over”

She goes hard on their cover of The Beatles “Come Together” too:

“Come Together”

And who could forget her performance of “The Weight” alongside Eric and Ryan Bingham:

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