Man In His Underwear Strolls Through Background Of Live Interview On CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

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An absolute NIGHTMARE.

We’ve seen some pretty funny events unfold while people are being interviewed virtually.

There was that one time where it appeared somebody was hitting a bong in the background of an Urban Meyer interview, and when professor Robert Kelly’s kids came strolling in while he was doing an interview with BBC.

A news anchor getting busted cheating, a reporter’s naked husband in the shower… it’s been pretty hilarious to watch the new navigate the world of Zoom.

And two and half years later, we still don’t have it down…

Karen Firestone, the CEO of Aureus Asset Management, was sitting down for a virtual interview with CNBC‘s Andrew Ross for a segment of “Squawk Box.”

Everything was going pretty smooth, until some dogs started barking in the background.

Firestone laughed it off, and the two joked around, comparing it to the “dog days of summer” for Wall Street…

But the comedy only gets worse as some dude strutting in his underwear comes speeding by in the background.

The two somehow managed to completely ignore the strange yet hilarious event, and were able to hold it together without absolutely losing their shit. The interview went on as planned, and nothing more was ever said about it.

However, I refuse to the ignore the fact that my guy walking around in his undies in the background got off easy.

If it was her husband, he probably got a very stern talking to after that meeting.

And if it was a guy she was just messing around with? Yeah, we might’ve seen the last of him…

Nevertheless, it’s still a hilarious moment.

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