Reporter Cuts Her Own Hair Live On Air With Naked Husband In Background

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Listen, we’re all still getting used to working from home.

It’s taken some time to figure out all of the issues that come along with conducting business via video calls. People are still getting used to muting their microphones when they go to the bathroom or when their significant others are talking in the background. You have people hacking into Zoom meetings and showing their dongs. I was on a video conference the other day when somebody’s dog shit in their floor. Working from home has its challenges, and we’re still learning how to deal with them.

And that goes for local news reporters too. Take, for example, Melinda Meza from KCRA in California.

Melinda was just trying to do her job and broadcast live from her home for a segment on hair stylists being out of work. The problem? She was reporting from her bathroom while her husband was in the shower – and clearly visible in the mirror behind her.

(Warning: There’s a blurry mirror dong in this video so it’s NSFW – but then again nobody’s at work anyway).

Come on Melinda…

I know that working from home has taken some getting used to, but you couldn’t tell your husband to wait five minutes to hop in the shower? Or you couldn’t have broadcast from literally any other room in the house where there wasn’t a naked family member hanging out in the background?

This is a lesson to us all: When you hop on a video conference, make sure you check the backdrop to make sure you know what other people are seeing. You don’t want your coworkers to see your sex toy collection or some other weird shit while you’re on a conference call. And you also don’t want to broadcast your husband’s schlong on the news for the whole world to see.

We’ll figure out this whole working from home thing eventually. But until then, be careful what you broadcast.

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