News Anchor Caught Cheating When Half-Naked Woman Walks In On Livestream

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Spanish television anchor Alfonso Merlos was caught red-handed, cheating on his girlfriend recently during a livestream broadcast.

According to Metro News, Merlos was reporting from his home during a livestream when a half-naked woman walked into the shot. The woman was NOT Merlos’s girlfriend, Big Brother star Marta López, but a 27-year-old journalist named Alexia Rivas.

You can see the clip, and hear Merlos address the situation, in this follow-up appearance on The Ana Rosa Show.

Between people pissing during their college lectures, news anchors accidentally filming their husband’s naked dong in the shower, and now this skeeze broadcasting his sex-capades for all of the world to see, when are people going to learn that you have to check your background?

Going live? What do you do first? Check the background.

However, there is a bit of a twist here. Merlos says the couple broke up before it happened (of course he did), Lopez says the two got into a fight, but they definitely didn’t break up, and according to Rivas, he told her he was single when they started dating weeks ago.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he’s a cheating scumbag, but go ahead, you be the judge.

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