Arlo McKinley Delivers Powerful Anthem Of Self-Forgiveness With New “I Don’t Mind”

Emma Delevante

A week before the expected release of his third album This Mess We’re In, Arlo McKinley has released the album’s fourth and final single “I Don’t Mind.”

Anticipation for the album has increased with the release of each single, “Stealing Dark from the Night Sky,” “To Die For,” and “Back Home” which features Appalachia up-and-comer Logan Halstead. Now, with “To Die For,” McKinley has given fans the final preview of the album before its release.

A simple but powerful song that presumably deals with the end of a relationship, “I Don’t Mind” is a must listen for any fan of good country music.

As described by McKinley “it’s an ode to self-forgiveness that gathers a quiet power through each verse.”

Check it out for yourself here:

This Mess We’re In is a collection of introspective songs McKinley has written to get himself through some of the toughest times in his life.

Covering heavy content like addiction and relationships, McKinley also conjures up a necessary feeling of hope and redemption through these songs.

Here is the full tracklist.

1. “I Don’t Mind”
2. “City Lights”
3. “Back Home” ft. Logan Halstead
4. “Stealing Dark from the Night Sky”
5. “To Die For”
6. “Dancing Days”
7. “This Mess We’re In”
8. “Rushintherug”
9. “I Wish I”
10. “Where You Want Me”
11. “Here’s to the Dying”

Go listen to Arlo Mckinley’s latest single “I Don’t mind,” and prepare yourself for next week’s album release.

It’s going to be a good one.

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