Arlo McKinley Teams Up With Logan Halstead For “Back Home,” The Third Single From His Upcoming Album

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Arlo McKinley is teaming up with one of the best rising young stars out of Appalachia for his latest single “Back Home.” And they brought the heat.

The third single released thus far for McKinley’s upcoming album This Mess We’re In, “Back Home” is a reflective song that deals with addiction, relationships, and getting caught up in a troubled life.

With a powerful voice that exudes authenticity and lyricism that evokes emotion from listeners, this song fits perfectly into McKinley’s catalog of music.

Written several years ago, videos of McKinley playing “Back Home” can be found on YouTube from as long ago as 2014. More recently, though, back in December, McKinley’s record label, Oh Boy Records, released a video of he and up-and-coming Appalachian star Logan Halstead playing the tune together.

Following the video, fans of both artists immediately began hoping there would be more collaboration between the two in the future.

Luckily, fans got their wish, as the new single “Back Home” again features Halstead’s vocals. Known for his own music that deals with life in Appalachia like “Dark Black Coal,” Halstead’s accompanying vocals provide another layer of honesty and authenticity to the song.

Check out the McKinley and Halstead performing “Back Home” live here:

Along with the two other singles that have already been released,  “To Die For” and “Stealing Dark from the Night Sky,” “Back Home” only further increases the anticipation and excitement surrounding This Mess We’re In.

Slated to be released in just over a month, on July 15, McKinley’s next album is sure to be something special.

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