Arlo McKinley Drops Gritty New Single “To Die For” From Upcoming Album

Alright, I’m ready for this new album to drop.

Last month, the incredible midwest singer and songwriter Arlo McKinley announced a new 11-song album, This Mess We’re In, dropping July 15. And he dropped the first track from the new album, a cosmic love story called “Stealing Dark From the Night Sky.”

And today the Cincinnati native is giving us another taste of what’s to come.

A gritty, defiant anthem on standing up and fighting for what you believe in, “To Die For” showcases more of a rock and roll side of Arlo than the first single, with the same captivating vocals and hard-charging guitar licks (oh, and there’s some organ in there too).

If you’re not already familiar with Arlo, he’s one of the most talented and captivating songwriters in country music right now. In fact, the Cincinnati native was the last artist signed to John Prine signed to his label, Oh Boy Records, before his death in 2020 – which should tell you a little bit about just what an incredible songwriter Arlo really is.

And his killer 2020 album Die Midwestern showed off Arlo’s ability to paint vivid pictures based on his real-life experiences and struggles of living in his midwest hometown, with songs like the title track “Die Midwestern” and “Bag of Pills.”

Along with the two singles from the new album, Arlo has also given us an acoustic performance of another new track from This Mess We’re In, the unreleased “Back Home,” which he performed with Appalachian phenom Logan Halstead.

July 15, folks. It’s going to be a good one.

This Mess We’re In Tracklist
1. I Don’t Mind
2. City Lights
3. Back Home
4. Stealing Dark From the Night Sky
5. To Die For
6. Dancing Days
7. This Mess We’re In
8. Rushintherug
9. I Wish I
10. Where You Want Me
11. Here’s to the Dying

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