Kip Moore Delivers Emotional Acoustic Performance At Town Hall Benefit For Families Of Fallen Police Officers

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You might wanna go ahead and grab a couple tissues.

Kip Moore recently stopped by radio station 92.5 XTU Philadelphia for a town hall to benefit the families of fallen police officers Branden Sisca and Martin Mack, who were both fatally killed in the line of duty in March.

Kip heard about the story from his friend Razz, one of the hosts at the radio station, who told him the story of how the trooper’s were killed back in March:

Kip wanted to do whatever he could to help out their families, and thus detoured from his current tour to stop by and be part of the benefit. Stephanie Mack, the wife of trooper Mack, as well as Captain McShay, were both there to speak, in addition to a few other officers who were in attendance to show support.

According to Action 6, both officers were tragically killed in the line of duty, as they were both hit by a possible drunk driver on the side of I-95, at the same time a pedestrian they were trying to help was killed, as well.

The pedestrian was walking along the highway trying to cross the busy interstate at night, and they were assisting him and helping to get him off the road, when all three of them were fatally struck.

Stephanie was incredibly strong getting up in front all of those people, and spoke eloquently about how she met her late husband in college, and what a good man and father he was to their young daughters, Olivia (7) and Rowan (3).

Kip then played an emotional and poignant acoustic version of “Last Shot,” from his 2017 Slowheart record. All about living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment with the people you love while you still can, it cuts deep hearing it in this setting for such a sad and heartbreaking reason.

Before he got to that, though, he spoke a little bit about why he wanted to be there and help out:

“I honestly didn’t even know that I was gonna play today… I don’t know, I guess I don’t want any of this to be about me.

I just hope that the people that have been watching this, like I said… we do a lot of talking in our society these days. We love to talk, and you know, talking just wears me out. I’m about action, and I just, I appreciate what you guys do so much.

And I say that with all the genuine feelings I can have to say that. ‘Cuz I know what goes into it, and it’s kinda like these two guys, they lost their life. Like they were doin’ two things that were to protect people, and what could happen to someone else, bystanders.

And that’s what y’all do everyday, and that never gets talked about. So I get really frustrated about that. So I appreciate y’all.”

Kip’s brother has been a police officers for about 15 years, and Kip mentioned that he’s heard firsthand just how thankless and hard the job is.

He then encouraged people to donate, which you can still do here. All of the money is going towards helping the young Mack and Sisca families as they navigate life without a husband and father.

The entire livestream is up on the XTU Youtube channel and is well worth a watch, but Kip’s performance starts around the 31:02 mark:

A massive thank you to all of our men and women in uniform in every branch of the military and public service who protect us so selflessly and put their life on the line every single day.

RIP Officer Sisca and Mack.

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