The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At This Dude Getting Snatched By An Orangutan At The Zoo

Orangutan zoo

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in my life…

It’s a story as old as time, right? Dude steps too close to orangutan cage at the zoo. Said dude gets grabbed by orangutan, and is clinging for dear life as he prays to the Good Lord it doesn’t tear him to shreds.

That’s exactly what’s happened in this viral video, as you can see the guy out here fighting for his fuckin’ life as an orangutan latches onto him.

I’ll admit, I would be absolutely terrified if I was in this guy’s shoes, considering that orangutan has the power to rip anybody to shreds, but it’s still some high quality entertainment. You can sense the fear in and utter panic over him as the large and powerful primate grabs on… and for good reason.

Orangutans have been known to smash coconuts with their bare hands… just wait until it twists your knee right off your body.

There’s still no word on who this guy is, or where this happened, but he was eventually able to wriggle free from the clutches of the ape after he was somehow picked up and turned sideways. I mean, what an absolute scene.

One thought though… why not just slip out of your shirt dude? Then it’s game over…

Sure, you lose your shirt but just go to the gift shop and get another one… crisis averted.

Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one getting a good laugh outta this one, as Twitter has gone buck wild over the video:

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