Zach Bryan Channels His Inner Springsteen With “Younger Years”

It’s been five days since American Heartbreak was released and I’m still trying to fully wrap my head around this thing.

34 songs is a lot, no doubt, but maybe more overwhelming is the lack of fillers, I mean each of them without a doubt could be a lead single.

While the previously released “Something In The Orange” and “From Austin” have taken clear lead in popularity, and “If She Wants A Cowboy” is shaping up to be a deep cut fan favorite, there’s a song that stands out as the combined feel of the entire album in one song.

I’m not the first to make Springsteen comparisons. The cover, music videos, and songwriting style, not to mention Zach’s love for motorcycles and life on the highway, really dig at that Americana-Rock style Bruce, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Tom Petty helped make the unofficial genre of American Music.

Zach even address some of these comparisons on Twitter, pretty much saying in typical fashion he’s honored, but undeserving.

While the whole project has that country-rock roots feel, there’s one song in particular that embodies it.

“Younger Years” is the 8th song on the album and not only has the driving beat of a Springsteen track (reminiscent of “Born To Run”) but lyrics holding nothing back on the raw glory and heartbreak of youth.

The hope and angst from the age of knowing you should start “becoming an adult” but not feeling like it’s real or you’re ready or both. The phase of newly old friends and questions…

And Zach is writing from the midst of it all.

“Lettin’ go, movin’ on
Keepin’ strong and finding God
I find it awfully hard we made it here
A few good friends on the longest night
Gettin’ high until we cry
Enjoyin’ all the pain of younger years”

Just another shining moment for the one and only Zach Bryan.

Roll down the windows and enjoy the almost summer air.

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A beer bottle on a dock