Zach Bryan Hilariously Busts Out The Auto-Tune For “If She Wants A Cowboy,” A Big Middle Finger To The Nashville Music Machine

My God, this is genius…

Even with almost an entire weekend, I don’t think I can comfortably say I’ve really gotten through all of Zach Bryan’s stellar debut studio album, American Heartbreak.

Yeah, I’ve listened to all the songs, but this one is gonna take some to really give my full attention to the 30 something songs on the record.

But right off the bat, “If She Wants A Cowboy” is one of my favorites.

It’s hilarious and satirical commentary mocking the pretend cowboys and the cookie cutter artists that the corporate Nashville music machine just loves to pump out like a factory. You know, the ones they play on the radio with their auto-tuned vocals, designer jeans, and shitty pop songs.

Ripe with tasty steel licks, the intro sets the table for the whole thing:

“Man, I got a song for y’all. Actual writing… something y’all ain’t even heard of.”

But when he throws on the full blown T-Pain auto tune at the end, I just about lost my mind.

And then one last jab for good measure…

“Man, I never heard a song this good… that was it, throw her on the damn radio.”

A big  middle finger to Nashville and sounding even better than them doing it… pure genius.

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