Watch Jamey Johnson Blow The Roof Off The Grand Ole Opry With “In Color”

Jamey Johnson finally received some very long overdue recognition, by getting inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. 

For a songwriting genius like himself, it’s incredibly surprising that it took the Opry this long to induct him, considering his 2008 That Lonesome Song album is one of the greatest country albums of the 2000s, but hey, that’s all I’ll say about that.

Speaking of That Lonesome Song, the man got to play arguably the best song on that album, “In Color,” during his induction.

Co-written by Johnson, Lee Thomas Miller, and James Otto, Johnson takes you on a timeline of some old pictures in his grandpa’s home, ranging from the Great Depression, to World War II, and finally, a picture of him and Johnson’s grandma.

It’s a deep cutting song, talking about how the weight of pictures simply isn’t deep enough, compared to real time.

Of course, Johnson killed the Opry performance, and it was one helluva way to go out on one of the biggest stages in all of country music.

Oh yeah, and we can’t forget Kid Rock and John Daly were in the house for this one… Talk about one helluva crowd.

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