I Had A Protein Shake Stain On My White T-Shirt: Tim McGraw Kicked Off His Summer 6-Pack Plan By Showing Everyone He’s Already Shredded

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Is Tim McGraw on tour with his band, or with “Magic Mike Live?”

McGraw dropped a video on Instagram showing his own-tour workout yesterday. And I guess I didn’t realize that the country superstar and actor is also a bodybuilder and/or exotic dancer. I mean, the man is shredded, and if Matthew McConaughey doesn’t want his role in Magic Mike 3, I think Steven Soderbergh needs to call McGraw’s agent.

In the video, Tim puts his crew through a grueling, parking lot workout outside his “McGraw Mobile Gym.” And the 55-year-old McGraw makes many of his fairly fit-looking crew members look like soft, sedentary office workers.

I’ll admit, if I was in their shoes, trying to push weighted sleds and giant tires the morning after a tour stop, with Bodybuilder Tim McGraw grinning at me above his six pack, I’d be puking in the bushes and sheepishly handing him my resignation letter.

I’ve always wondered whether I could hang with a country music star’s lifestyle. Tequila shots backstage. Shotgunning Busch Lights on-stage. After-parties into the wee hours of the morning, night after night.

Now that I’ve seen what it’s like to be on tour with Tim McGraw, I’m not sure I could hang with him, either.

While I thought Dierks Bentley set the standard for eschewing the dadbod with his cycling habit, I failed to consider a guy ten years older who left his dadbod back in 2008.

According to Men’s Health, when McGraw was around 40, he got a wake-up call from one of his daughters who said he was looking a little “big” on-screen in his movie, “Four Christmases.” In response, he completely transformed his diet and lifestyle (cut out booze) and, 15 years later, can add “Dadbod Transformation Ambassador” to his long list of accomplishments.

The other day, my son pointed to a character in a book and said, “That fat guy looks like Daddy.” So maybe the time has come for my transformation as well. While I don’t think I can hang with Tim’s workouts yet, I can start small. Fortunately, Koe Wetzel also released a workout video yesterday that can get me moving in the right direction.

Thank you, Tim McGraw, for inspiring me to get off the couch and start pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

And thank you, Koe, for the first workout in my summer 6-pack plan: Barefoot Sprint Across the Street.

Baby steps…

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